Monday, April 26, 2010

Check out Inkpop

What is Inkpop:inkpop is an online community that connects up-and-coming authors with talent spotters and publishing professionals in the teen market. Each month, HarperCollins editors read inkpop's most popular submissions in hopes of discovering the next big thing in teen lit. The best inkpop writers have the potential to land every author's dream: a publishing contract.
inkpop was conceived and built by editors at HarperCollins Publishers. inkpop caters to the teen writing world and allows members to post books, short stories, essays, and poetry. A leader in the teen publishing industry, HarperCollins has published books in the Princess Diaries series, The Vampire Diaries trilogy, Emily the Strange, Wicked Lovely, and Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy.
inkpop is in beta at the moment, so we're still developing and perfecting the site.
How does it Work:inkpop invites unpublished, published, and self-published authors to create their own personal inkpop page and post their books, short stories, essays, and poetry for public viewing. There is no word-count minimum for short stories, essays, and poetry, but authors must upload books that are at least 10,000 words in order for them to be read and critiqued by the inkpop community.
Visitors can comment on submissions and choose their top five favorites. inkpop counts the number of times a project appears to be among the five favorites of community members and uses that information to rank the projects. inkpop also recognizes the visitors who consistently recommend the best projects and uses that info to rank the most influential Trendsetters, who play a critical role in selecting top authors.
In short, talent development is a collaborative process at inkpop. Readers are talent scouts and critics who become community leaders in their search for standout projects. In turn, writers get to load up on valuable feedback from a target audience and make their projects the very best they can be.
Overall:It's a great site for new teen writers to get a chance to get there work published and a nice way to find new books from future authors. I almost forgot to tell you it's Free:)

Here's the link to the website where you can find more information and register.