Monday, June 28, 2010

Trance Review

Summary:begins with a subtle vibration, a tingling.There is time to take only one breath.The trance begins.When it is through, Ashlyn is certain of two things:Someone she knows is about to die.And she is powerless to stop it.

My Feelings: Trance is Suspense filled and exhilarating. Ashlyn is still trying to cope fill her guilty feelings surrounding her mother death and it's even harder when her sister moves out her without saying goodbye all that is left of her is a few boxes of junk and the note she left between there mirror saying I'm sorry. It will be be better this way. she is only relived about this because she believes the traces she had since pre -school end but when they come back she finds her self having to face the truth. Ashlyn then meets Jake when she working in a photo studio hes sweet and understanding because he can relate with her guilt.The romance that evolves between Ashlyn and Jake is pure and heartwarming they both need each other to release the hurt that they both ignored and bottled up.Trance had me anxiously turning pages and biting my nails trying to figure out what was going to happen next and Gerber did deliver with some answers I love how Gerber does not overwrite she had just another detail and imagery. The way the story wraps up is surprising and a great way to tell the reader that there will indeed be a next book.

Overall: Trance is a puzzle that reveals itself page by page and in the next book I hope that we get to know why Ashlyn and Kara have these Trances.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

In My Mailbox(16)

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.
For Review
Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
The White Horse Trick by Kate Thompson
Fallen by Lauren Kate
Pace by Shelena Shorts
Bones of Farie by Janni Simmer(from Random Buzzers)
Thanks St. Martin's Griffin , Harper Collins, MeMeg O' Brien and Chioma!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angelfire Cover and Contest

Author Courtney Allison Moulton has revealed her cover for her debut book Angel Fire and to Celebrate she is having a contest in which you can win a ARC copy of her book Angel Fire

This cover one my favorite covers for 2011 so far the gray clouds and birds make it atmospheric.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Past Midnight Cover

Author:Mara Purnagan
Date Released:September 1st 2010

Summary:I know a lot about ghost.More than the average person and way,way more than any other seventeen -year-old. expect for Jared and Avery, but they don't count because most of what they know they learned from me last year,when things got crazy.I know a lot about things going crazy, too, thanks to my parents. There paranormal researchers and lets just say they like to bring there work home with them.And sometimes,like last year, their work follows them home,For good."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In My Mailbox (15)

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.

These all the books that I got this week and a few weeks ago.

For Review:
Shiver by by Maggie Stiefvater
13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale by Shannon Delany
Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan
Rose Sees Red by Cecil Castellucci
The Ghost of Ashbury High Jaclyn Moriarty
Sea Change by Aimme Friedman
Trance by Linda Gerber
Plain Kate by Erin Bow
Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell
Insatiable by Meg Cabot
The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
(Thank you Scholastic,Linda Gerber and Harper Collins!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

New TV Show The Gates!

I am overly excited for the new Supernatural show The Gates i've been seeing the trailer for it constantly that makes me even more anxious.

Main Characters:

Nick Monahan: Meet Nick Monohan, the newest chief of police at The Gates. Tireless as a cop and a father, Nick is the sort of man who'll do anything to protect his family and bring to justice those who deserve it. As a former Chicago homicide detective, Nick is used to tough cases... but none of them have quite prepared him for the unexpected surprises he'll encounter in The Gates.

Sarah Monahan: Small town doctor and herbologist Peg Mueller is known for giving excellent personalized care to her patients. She's also known for her discretion – something certain residents in The Gates value above all else. Peg's non-traditional remedies are perfectly suited to the unique clientele she treats, and her kindess and wisdom make her a wonderful friend as well as doctor. In fact, the only person in The Gates who doesn't seem to adore Peg is former friend and student, Devon... though few know exactly how and why this rift began.

Charlie Monahan:Used to braving the halls of one of Chicago's toughest public schools, Charlie Monohan doesn't know what to make of the exclusive new school he finds himself at in The Gates. The fact that the move wasn't exactly his choice doesn't make matters any easier. A loner by nature, Charlie's content to keep to himself in this new community... with the possible exception of his budding friendship with Andie Bates.

Dylan Radcliff:Devoted husband and father, brilliant entrepreneur... Dylan Radcliff has it all. If only his wife's addiction and the secrets of their dark past together didn't constantly threaten to destroy everything. As a result, Dylan values privacy above all else, especially where his family is concerned. His loyalty and devotion to their well-being knows no limits.

Claire Radcliff:On the outside, Claire Radcliff is the perfect Gates housewife and mother. She has a beautiful home, a handsome husband, and a daughter she loves dearly. But beneath the flawless exterior, Claire is struggling with a... unique addiction. One that has the power to destroy her family and everything she holds dear if she fails to keep her urges in check.

Leigh Turner:The cat to Marcus Jordan's dog, Deputy Leigh Turner is all cool confidence. Always ready with a witty retort and a sharp observation, Leigh is a strong addition to The Gates police force. Though her confident exterior can intimidate some, those who get to know Leigh well may glimpse a more vulnerable side to her hiding beneath the surface.

Devon: Need a fabulous facial that might literally make you younger? Look no further than Devon. Owner of the only day spa in The Gates, she provides miracle cures for everything from crow's feet to stress. And all at very reasonable prices! The trouble with Devon, though, is that you never quite know what that price will be. Some call her two-faced. Some call her enterprising. But everyone calls her a powerful force within The Gates.

Andie Bates:
Know that girl who gets straight A's, has a great group of friends, runs eight clubs, dates a hot football player and is so darn nice you just can't hate her? That's Andie Bates. Naturally smart and kind to everyone, Andie's the quintessential girl-next-door. What she doesn't tell most people is that her protective father, Thomas, moved her to The Gates after her mom died in a tragic accident. Andie still struggles with this painful spot in her past, as well as her father's desire to keep her a little girl for as long as possible. (Stay away from my man!.)

Peg Mueller: Small town doctor and herbologist Peg Mueller is known for giving excellent personalized care to her patients. She's also known for her discretion – something certain residents in The Gates value above all else. Peg's non-traditional remedies are perfectly suited to the unique clientele she treats, and her kindess and wisdom make her a wonderful friend as well as doctor. In fact, the only person in The Gates who doesn't seem to adore Peg is former friend and student, Devon... though few know exactly how and why this rift began.

Marcus Jordan: Meet eager and energetic Deputy Marcus Jordan. His go-get-'em attitude and cheery disposition help Marcus to get along with nearly everyone he encounters in The Gates. Though he's not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed, Marcus makes up for it with his great work ethic. He's especially excited to learn from big city cop Nick Monohan, who is the new Chief of Police at The Gates.

Brett Crezski:Smart, good-looking, athletic -- Brett Crezski is the model Gates Academy student. Dating the beautiful girl-next-door Andie Bates doesn't hurt his image any either. But behind the near-perfect exterior, Brett struggles to control a part of his nature that's a little more... animalistic. As he navigates the waters of adolescence this darker side of Brett struggles to come out, threatening to hurt those around him if he isn't careful.
(Brett is so cute!)

All the bio's are from The Gates site at abc.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome Giveaways and Contest Going On!

Hey! there are some really awesome contest going and just wanted to let you guys know all about them.

Author Chloe Neill is have a contest were you can win an engraved red 8bg Ipod Nano.

Sarah at Sarah' s Random Muse is having a Palooza Contest were you can win 3 books Fallen by Lauren Kate, Shade by Jeri Smith Ready,Epitaph Road by David Patneaude.

The Undercover Book Lover is having a giveaway called The Paranormal Five you can win Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Paranormalcy by Kiersten White,The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto ,Pegasus by Robin McKinley.

Author P.j. Hoover is giving away a copy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver and Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller on her blog.

Good Lucy!, I hope you win a few.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crave Cover

Authors: Laura J. Burns, Melinda Metz

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Release Date: September 21, 2010

Summary:Shay has had a rare blood disorder since she was born. In fact, her mother married one of Shay’s doctors, Martin, who left his world-renowned leukemia research to try and figure out exactly what the disorder is and how to cure it. When she turns seventeen, Martin begins to give her new blood transfusions that make her feel the strongest she has ever felt. But she also has odd visions where she sees through the eyes of a vampire. At first, she thinks she must be imagining the visions, but when she begins to see Martin’s office in them, she knows she has to check it out. That’s when she finds Gabriel, a sexy, teenaged vampire, imprisoned in Martin’s office. The connection she has built with Gabriel compels her to set him free. But when he kidnaps her in an attempt at revenge on Martin, their lives become deeply intertwined. She doesn’t know the half of it.

Back Again But Not Really

Hello!my fellow followers and viewers I know it has been I while since I have made a review or a post for that matter but it' s because I went on a trip with my two best friends to Wisconsin Dells and yes it was quit fun but than the Sunday that we came back I had to go to summer school I'm doing keyboarding so that can get a 1/2 a credit for High school which I think suck because I should at least get 1 whole credit considering the fact that I am spending almost all my summer there but whatever.I really thought I was going to have a little bit of time to rest but I still will try to stay on top with my post and reviews.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Couldn'tFinish

This is something like The Story Sirens I'm Just Not into it this shows a book or books that I was not able to read because just wasn't my kind of book.

Thief Eye by Janni Lee Sinner

My Feelings: I tried my best to get into this book but I just couldn't the characters for the most part where bland and forgettable it was almost torturous for me to finish as much (184 Pages )of the book as did I really do wish that I could have stuck though it and finish it but inside I know that even if I did finish the book I would still feel the same.

Overall: I loved the author's previous book Bones Of Faeries and am very disappointed that I can't share the same feeling about Thief Eyes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paranormal/Supernatural Fever(5)

These are books in the Paranormal and Supernatural genre that I can't wait to be released.

Summary:Things get weird after Tessa Brody's father buys a dusty old unicorn tapestry at an auction. The wild, handsome creature woven within it draws Tessa, and frightens her too. One day she pulls a silver thread from the tapestry and releases the unicorn. Only he isn’t one at all. He’s William de Chaucy, a young sixteenth century English nobleman with gorgeous eyes, a weird accent and haughty attitude to spare. Will was trapped in the tapestry by Gray Lily, a sorceress who stole the thread of his life and relies on its energy for her eternal youth. Now Gray Lily wants her unicorn back and she’ll do anything to get him. If that isn’t bad enough “his lordship” de Chaucy seems to think Tessa is someone she’s not: the girl who trapped him so long ago in the forest. Despite the sparky chemistry between them he seems to have the strange idea that she’ll be his undoing once more. Maybe she will. Because there’s a connection, an attraction to Will that Tessa can’t deny. She’s even beginning to dream about events in a forest of long ago. Or is she reliving them? But Tessa knows one thing for sure. She could never be some heartless twit of a virgin who would trap a unicorn.

(I love the way the the colors blends in with the face on this cover its really eye-catching.)

Summary:In her dreams he’s irresistible—seductive, charming, and undoubtedly dangerous. But when he appears to her when she’s awake—and captivates her just the same—she’s not sure which way is up and which is down. Theia Alderson has always led a sheltered life, not allowed the same freedoms as the rest of the teenagers in the small California town of Serendipity Falls. But when a devastatingly handsome boy appears in the halls of her school, she feels every urge she’s ever denied burning through her at the slightest glance from Haden Black. Theia knows she’s seen Haden before—not around town, but in her dreams. Theia doesn’t understand how she dreamed of Haden before they ever met, but every night has them joined in a haunting world of eerie fantasy. And as the Haden of both the night and the day beckons her forward one moment and pushes her away the next, the only thing Theia knows for sure is that the incredible pull she feels towards him is stronger than her fear. And as she slowly discovers what Haden truly is, Theia’s not sure if she wants to resist him, even if the cost is her soul.

(I saw this beautiful cover first on La Femme Readers Up & Coming YA Releases post and instantly fell I love with it .)

Summary:The Vours: evil, demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night, the darkest hours of the Winter Solstice. It's been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours, and the Winter Solstice is approaching once again. It will be another night of unspeakable horror for those unlucky enough to be taken by the Vours, because this time, she won't be able to stop them. The Vours have imprisoned Reggie in a psychiatric hospital, where she is subjected to a daily routine of unfathomably sadistic experiments. Her life is a living Hell, but she won't give up. They attacked her brother. They killed her friend. And Reggie will never stop fighting back.

(I'm a big fan of this series but it looks like they stayed with the same them as all rest of the books I wish they would make this covers a little more exciting but its okay because the books are still awesome.)

Summary:Hunter Wild just wants to get through her last year at the secret Helios-Ra Academy. To do so, she'll have to betray her grandfather, date a vampire and possibly take down the entire League - all before the end of term.

( I read the first book in this series and liked it a lot this cover really pretty too just like the previous ones.)

Summary:For once, sixteen-year-old Aden Stone has everything he’s ever wanted: A home. Friends. The girl of his dreams. Too bad he’s going to die...Since coming to Crossroads, Oklahoma, former outcast Aden Stone has been living the good life. Never mind that one of his best friends is a werewolf, his girlfriend is a vampire princess who hungers for his blood, and he’s supposed to be crowned Vampire King – while still a human! Well, kind of. With four – oops, three now — human souls living inside his head, Aden has always been “different” himself. These souls can time travel, raise the dead, possess another’s mind, and, his least favorite these days, tell the future. The forecast for Aden? A knife through the heart. Because a war is brewing between the creatures of the dark, and Aden is somehow at the center of it all. But he isn’t about to lie down and accept his destiny without a fight. Not when his new friends have his back, not when Victoria has risked her own future to be with him, and not when he has a reason to live for the first time in his life...
( I have not read any books in this series yet but it seems interesting I like that there's a boy on the cover I always see mostly girls on covers in YA book so this is different.)