Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone Happy New Year sorry I disappeared for a while but I hope to be more active on the blog in 2011. Wish you all a peaceful and book-filled 2011!
- Jada

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Firelight Review

Firelight follows Jacinda a Draki (people who originated from dragons and can transform between dragon and human form). Jacinda has a rare ability to breath-fire which is an honor in her (Pride or community of dragons).
One night, the stress of her responsibility builds high and Jacinda acts out. She breaks the rule of flying at night that protects the Draki from their enemies, hunters who are ruthless in their quest to kill the draki population. Jacinda is found in the woods by a hunter named Will, she is terrified but Will is entranced by her beauty and lets her free. Her mother fears that her actions will cause the Pride to punish her viciously so she makes Jacinda and her twin sister move out of the Pride into a city near Las Vegas.

There she is reunited with her Savior Will they form a friendship that evolves into love. The human world makes her have to condemn her draki form but she goes back to the pride she’ll lose Will and her family.

Firelight was highly Climatic, each chapter’s ending made me eager to see what would happen next. Firlight had a little case of rushed romance syndrome where the pace of the romance was very unnaturally fast but that was only a minor con.

A character I was very fond of was Cassian, the Prince of the Pride, who was planned to marry Jacinda to produce a further line of fire-breathers like Jacinda.

Cassian was more of a side character and didn’t appear a lot throughout the book but when he did he made a big impact, more so than Will and Jacinda combined.

Sophie’s writing style is fresh and original I love how she makes Jacinda’s female character strong-willed and observant.

Although, I must say the ending was unsatisfying because it ended a little and abrupt left you hanging, but I still look forward to the next book in this thrilling new trilogy.
4 Moons!