Saturday, May 15, 2010

Forbidden Sea Review

Summary:When Adrianne comes face-to-face with the mermaid of Windwaithe Island, she is convinced that the mermaid means her harm. After all, the island is steeped in stories of mermaids' curses and the ill-luck that they bring. But Adrianne is fierce-willed and courageous and is determined to protect her family and the islanders from danger. Yet when the islanders find out about Adrianne's encounters with the mermaid, her family is scorned. They believe that once active, the mermaid cannot be quieted until an islander sacrifices herself to the sea. But is the legend true? And will their fear make them force Adrienne to test it? This is a haunting story of love, surrender and strength.

My Feeling: I loved reading Forbidden Sea it's a delightful story that slightly reminded me of
The Little Mermaid. I also Loved Adrianne she's a survivor she's had to deal with the the loss of
her father at a young age and deal with her deeply depressed mother at the same time so
because of all those factors her whole family ends up living in a tightly-crammed cottage with
her bitter and mean Aunt. The story begins the night her little sister Celia runs away out into the unforgiving weather and when Adrianne finds her she’s inert and unconscious on top of a rock then a gorgeous mermaid grasp hold of her and tries to drown her or so she believes, this is how Adrianne is entwined into the entrancing world of Mermaids. The Plot for was pretty fasted-past for me at least I finished reading it in only a few days it did have it's flaws but for the most part the plot was very enjoyable. I absolutely Loved how Shelia described the Peaceful underwater sea world of the Mermaids it made me intensely wish that it truly was real .The ending was cute and sweet but I have a feeling that there's a little bit more story left for Adrianne and the Mermaids I love so much I've heard that there will be a possible companion to this book if this book sales well so please go out and buy this when it comes out.

Overall:This was relaxing for me to read because I am in the middle of try to read one book that is just torture for me but unlike that book Forbidden Sea was easy to delve into and really enjoy.