Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess Who's Back!

Hey everybody I just back from my 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. this weekend that pasted I meant to make a post before I left but I ran out of time they made us wake up at 4:00 and let me tell you I am not at all a morning person and on top off that we where on a Coach bus for 16 HOURS by the name of Lamer 's they couldn't have thought of another name .The Hotel we stayed at was The Holiday End Express it was okay but when we walked in there I know smelled a slight smell of Mildew GROSSS) and there was Three people in my group They were all of my close friends which was good because there was only two twin beds in the room so I ended up sharing a bed with best friend Ciara and my other friend got the second to herself because she has some very weird sleeping habits let just say she likes to be free.The second day of the trip was the most brutal we had to walk almost every where I was practically pure sweat and god it was humid in hot down there I think I got a tone darker. My favorite part of the trip and the one I will always remember is when we got to go by the White House it was beautiful and when I got home I found out that Obama had just left to go to Chicago a few minutes before we arrived that Thursday so we almost might have been able to have seen him if we arrived earlier.My trip was exciting fun but I truly can say I am happy to be back home and back to blogging.

Here's a list of some the place's we went to:

The Pentagon

Vietnam and Korean Memorials

Smithsonian Institution American History

Jefferson and FDR Memorials

Alexandria's Footsteps To The Past


Wreath Laying Ceremony

Oakland Athletics VS. Baltimore Oriole's

Pentagon Cit Mall

White House

Library of Congress and Supreme Court

Smithsonian Air and Space museum

Happy Memorial Day!