Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Movie

My feelings: I saw this yesterday at the 12:00 movie premiere it was beyond amazing there was some much more action and sexy werewolf Jacob was shirtless in many more scenes god he is delicious I am know planing a way to stalk/meet him I really do wish all my posters of Taylor Launter/Jacob would come alive.There are a few new characters we get to see" Riley who is played by Australian actor Xavier Samuel, Leah Clearwater who is played by Julia Jones and also Seth Clearwater who is play by Boo Boo Stewart(That's not his real name I read that his real name is Nils).when the movie was over my friend and I where in her fathers car and we started to yell out the window"Jacob" and a group of people yelled back Woo or Yeah I can't remember but it was as you can see I am all the way Team Jacob I'm sorry Edward y ou ain't got nothin on Jacobs abs of steel.

Overall: If you are a Twi-Hard(I've been a Twi-Hard since the beginning) or just a regular fan of the Twilight series I suggest you go see Eclipse you will most likely love or enjoy it.


Beverly said...

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Larissa said...

Hopping in from the Book Blogger Hop! =))

Im a new follower =) Happy Reading!

Have a great weekend!


Jamie said...

I read somewhere that they have to paint on Edward's abs.....He should take a page from Jacob's book and hit the gym!

Team Jacob!

Swimmer said...

I agree the movie was great but I must say I am team Edward all the way!

Anonymous said...

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