Monday, July 26, 2010

Non-Book Related

Hey have you heard about this scandalise video that was posted by a 11-year old girl her screen name Jessie Slaughter well if you haven't seen the video you should is down right shocking to see this young girl drop all of these cuss words and basically saying f u to all her haters I feel kinda sad for her know because she will properly be made funny of for this video her whole life and there have been people have given her death threat which completely cross the line I really wish she would have just said i will be the bigger person and not made video but like her father said she don goffed up lol=) also below is her hate video, the video her on Good Mouring America and the video of her havingg a emotion breakdown with her father in the backgrounds acting like a complete fool and people say he looks like the pringle man and I must agree they do have quite a resemblance.